WHAT IS A GREEN MESA? A green mesa is a lush, verdant area high above the desert where wildlife can thrive. Green Mesa Consulting is about creating an environment in which individuals and teams can grow, even in challenging situations.

Green Mesa Consulting was founded by Amy Pasquale in 2013.  Amy Pasquale has worked as an executive coach, facilitator and organization development consultant since 2006. From 2018 to 2020, Amy served as the Executive Vice President of the American Jewish World Service and played a key role in team development, strategy execution and crafting a forward looking and humanistic organizational response to the CV-19 Pandemic.

As an leadership coach and organization development consultant, Amy relies on her varied skillset and background to quickly understand and relate to the organizational landscape within which her client operates. Amy then helps her clients focus on the root causes of organizational effectiveness, through their own development and relate to them on a personal level.  Amy aims to strike the balance between theory and practice and has a special talent for translating frameworks and theories into practical and meaningful insights others can quickly use.

Amy Pasquale, Founder 
Amy is an experienced Organization Development (OD) Consultant and Leadership Coach who is passionate about enabling and leading people-centric organizations. Amy supports organizational transformations that deliver results through her thought leadership and facilitation of generative conversations.
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